The LAS Visit RAF Mildenhall
Tuesday 15th May 2012

The LAS were guests of the United States Air Force on the 15th May 2012 for a visit to RAF Mildenhall.
RAF Mildenhall is the gateway to Europe for the USAF and it's personnel and is one of the largest and busiest American bases this side of the pond. Our American hosts treated us to a roast Turkey dinner and a tour of the control tower, the tower simulator, and a mission briefing care of the 100th Operations Group. We were then shown round a KC-135R Stratotanker of the 351st Air Refuellng Squadron of the 100th Air Refuelling Wing based at RAF Mildenhall. There were plenty of photo opportunities and here are a few photographs of the day.

The Lowestoft Aviation Society group shot


KC-135R, 63-8877, 22nd ARW, McConnell AFB, Kansas, with KC-135R, 64-14838, 6th AMW, Macdill AFB, Florida behind it.


KC-10A, 86-0032, of the 305th AMW, McGuire AFB, New Jersey


A photo taken from the tower looking west over the AMC Ramp where many static aircraft and stalls could be found in the Air Fete days.


KC-135R, 57-1493, of the 351st Air Refuelling Squadron, 100th Air Refuelling Wing RAF Mildenhall.

Clearly seen on the tail is the "Square D", this is the only unit in the USAF to carry their WWII insignia.


Waiting for the briefing to begin on "Passing Gas" - Tanker Style.


No Kicking Ass Without Tanker Gas!


Having a look around KC-135R, 62-3499, The KC-135 was derived from the Boing 707 airliner, this particular aircraft is in her 50th year

and some KC-135's are expected to be serving until 2040! Their replacement will be the KC-46 (Boeing 767).


The 100th Bomb Group memorial crest on the aircraft's nose.


The spacious cabin has room for freight pallets/cargo or personnel, some of the aircraft's fuel tanks are under the floor.


Oxygen tanks on the fuselage wall.


The tail area where the "Boom Operator" lays.


The "Boom Operator's" window can be seen on the left with the "boom" extending out to the right.


USAF KC-135 pilot Capt. Catherine Blake shows Simon the fuel guages.


Barrie and Richard chillin' on the KC-135


The unit motto on the aircraft's fuselage.


The front end.


Richard with USAF Pilot Capt. Catherine Blake.


Our knowledgable and friendly guides for our tour of the aircraft, thanks guys.


We extend our thanks to the 100th Air Refuelling Wing Public Affairs Office
& Senior Airman Jerilyn Quintanilla for being a superb guide for our day at RAF Mildenhall.