LOG - Queens Birthday Fly-Past
Saturday 16th June 2007
Saturday 16th June 2007
This listing lists all the aircraft on the Queen's Birthday Fly-Past that were actually observed in the Southwold Hold prior to setting off for London.


HS.125 CC.3 ZD703 32 (TR) Squadron c/s WINDSOR WEATHER CHECK

Hawk T.1A XX248/CJ 100 Sqn c/s POLECAT 1 / WHIP 1
Hawk T.1A XX247/CM 100 Sqn c/s POLECAT 2 / WHIP 2

Typhoon formation in element order (TYPHOON FORMATION)

Typhoon F.2 ZJ929/QO-A 3 Squadron c/s TYPHOON LEAD
Typhoon F.2 ZJ916/QO-U 3 Squadron c/s TYPHOON 2
Typhoon F.2 ZJ919/DC 11 Squadron c/s TYPHOON 3

Typhoon F.2 ZJ931/DA 11 Squadron c/s TYPHOON 4
Typhoon F.2 ZJ917/QO-G 3 Squadron c/s TYPHOON 5
Typhoon F.2 ZJ918/QO-L 3 Squadron c/s TYPHOON 6

Typhoon F.2 ZJ936/QO-S 3 Squadron c/s TYPHOON 7
Typhoon F.2 ZJ920/BX 29(R) Squadron c/s TYPHOON 8
Typhoon F.2 ZJ921/BW 29(R) Squadron c/s TYPHOON 9

I believe that there were two airspares launched from Coningsby but they were not seen at Southwold.

VC.10/Tornado F.3 Formation - serials/codes (TARTAN FORMATION)

VC.10 C.1K XV107/X 101 Squadron c/s TARTAN

Tornado F.3 ZE887/FX 25 Squadron
Tornado F.3 ZE728/FZ 25 Squadron
Tornado F.3 ZE204/FC 25 Squadron
Tornado F.3 ZG780/XXV 25 Squadron

Nimrod/Tornado GR.4 Formation - serials/codes (NIMROD FORMATION)

Nimrod MR.2 XV254/54 KSW c/s NIMROD

Tornado GR.4 ZD851/112 2 (AC) Squadron c/s ROCKET 1
Tornado GR.4 ZA550/042 2 (AC) Squadron c/s ROCKET 2
Tornado GR.4 ZA562/XV (With 617 Squadron red flask on black fin top) c/s ROCKET 4
Tornado GR.4 ZA549/-- unmarked c/s ROCKET 3

Roger Smith
Lowestoft Aviation Society - Suffolk's Eyes on the Skies