Log: Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival
Thurs 24th & Fri 25th July 2008

DAY 1 - Thursday 24th July
Cessna 208, G-UKPS, Princess of Wales Regt Paras, c/sign PARACHUTE 1
Sea King HAR.3A, ZH543/X 22 Sqn 'B' Flight c/sign SEAKING 125
Hawk T.1A, XX325 4 FTS/208(Reserve) Sqn Spcl markings c/sign HAWK
Hawk T.1, XX245 4 FTS/208(Reserve) Sqn (Spare aircraft on ground at Norwich)
Tucano T.1, ZF137 1 FTS/207(Reserve) Sqn c/sign TUCANO
Vulcan B.2, XH558 VOC c/sign VULCAN
Typhoon F.2, ZJ910/BV 29(Reserve) Sqn c/sign TYPHOON 45
Lancaster B.1, PA474/BQ-B/HW-R BBMF c/sign LANCASTER
Spitfire LF.IXc, MK356/UF-Q BBMF c/sign SPITFIRE
Hurricane IIC, PZ865/JX-E BBMF c/sign HURRICANE
Spitfire T.9, ML407/OU-V, Solo Enterprises/Caroline Grace, c/sign SPITFIRE GLFIX
The Blades
Extra 300, G-OFFO Blades, 2 Excel Aviation, c/sign BLADE 1
Extra 300, G-ZEXL Blades, 2 Excel Aviation, c/sign BLADE 2
Extra 300, G-ZXCL Blades, 2 Excel Aviation, c/sign BLADE 3
Extra 300, G-ZXEL Blades, 2 Excel Aviation, c/sign BLADE 4
BK.117, G-OEMT EA Air Ambulance, c/sign AIRMED 28E
Blue Eagles
Lynx AH.7, ZD283/I Blue Eagles c/sign EAGLE LEAD/EAGLE 1
Allouette AH.2, XR379 Blue Eagles c/s EAGLE 3
Scout AH.1, XT626/Q Blue Eagles c/sign EAGLE 4
Gazelle AH.1, ZA726/F1 Blue Eagles c/sign EAGLE 2
P-40M Kittyhawk, 43-5802/49, Hanger 11 Collection/Peter Teichman, c/sign KITTYHAWK
Hunter F.58A, G-PSST 'Miss Demeanor', Heritage Aviation/Jon Whaley, c/sign HUNTER
Dukes of Cassutt
Cassutt Racer, G-BOMB Dukes of Cassutt c/sign CASSUTT 1
Cassutt Racer, G-RUNT Dukes of Cassutt c/sign CASSUTT 3
Cassutt Racer, G-BPVO Dukes of Cassutt c/sign CASSUTT 2
Vulcan B.2, XH558, TVOC, c/sign VULCAN
Team Guinot (Wing Walkers)
Boeing PT-17 Kaydet, N74189 Aerosuperbatics/Team Guinot, c/sign WINGWALK 1
Boeing PT-17 Kaydet, N707TJ Aerosuperbatics/Team Guinot, c/sign WINGWALK 2
Typhoon F.2, ZJ910/BV 29 (Reserve) Sqn, c/sign TYPHOON 45
Bf-108, (Nord 1002), (G-ETME) 14(Yellow), c/sign GOLF MIKE ECHO
Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A, XX227 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1, XX233 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1, XX242 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A, XX253 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A, XX260 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A, XX266 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1, XX294 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1A, XX306 Red Arrows
Hawk T.1, XX308 Red Arrows
Red 10's Hawk stayed on the ground at Norwich as an airspare and is as yet unidentified.
Squirrel HT.1, ZJ265/65 DHFS c/sign RED 10 brought the Red Arrows Team Manager to Radar Lodge, Hopton-on-Sea on both days, from where he was taken to/from Lowestoft Seafront in a HM Coastguard vehicle with a Police motor-cycle escort.
Scheduled for Day 1 only were a pair of Tornado GR.4's from II(AC) Squadron at RAF Marham to give a flypast/role demo. They went into the Southern Hold near Southwold but had communications problems and departed for Marham. They were:
Tornado GR.4, ZD748 II (AC) Sqn special marks c/sign MARHAM 21/TORNADO FORMATION
Tornado GR.4, ZA602 II (AC) Sqn unmarked c/sign MARHAM 22
DAY 2 Friday 25th July
To save repetition I will only list the additions and changes to Day 1
Sea King HAR.3 was Day 1 only
Spitfire PR.XIX, PS915, BBMF, c/sign SPITFIRE
Typhoon T.1, ZJ805/BD 29(Reserve) Squadron c/sign TYPHOON
Rotorsport UK MT-03 Autogyro, G-JBRE c/sign GJBRE
Pitts Special S.2, G-PITZ c/sign ?????
Cristen Eagle II, G-NEST c/sign ?????
Chipmunk T.10, WB585/M(G-AOSY), The Sparrows, c/sign SEETHING FORMATION
Chipmunk T.10, WK630(G-BXDG), The Sparrows
Yak-52, G-BXJB, The Sparrows
Frequencies of note used were;
Air Festival Primary 130.675 MHZ.
Air Festival Secondary/Discreet 134.550 MHz.
The Blue Eagles used 252.000 MHz.
Aerosuperbatics Stearmans used 118.000 MHz
The Red Arrows used 243.450 Mhz
As usual this listing couldn't have been put together without the help of many others and I thank them all for being so diligent and passing the information on. Lowestoft Air Festival is always a challenge as unlike most airshows the participating aircraft don't land and taxi past to be identified. 90% of what is above has been confirmed by photographic evidence of the Participants.

Roger Smith
Lowestoft Aviation Society - Suffolk's Eyes on the Skies