LAS Member Graham Gilbert digs into his diary


Excerpts from my spotting logbook for  FEBRUARY 1982 for the Southwold area + airfield visits.
Feb 2nd - Bae146 G-SSSH on test flight, 1x Vulcan flying with two RAF Phantoms, Nimrod R1 XW666 51 Sqdn, 1x F-5E Tiger 527th TFTAS, 1x VC-140B Jetstar USAF.
               ELLOUGH  - Sikorsky S-61n G-BEON, G-BFFJ, BELL 212 G-BFJB, Westland WG-30 G-BIWY, all British Airways Helicopters.
Feb 3rd - 1x VC-140B Jetstar USAF, 3x 23 Sqdn Phantoms, 1x Vulcan.
Feb 4th - BENTWATERS - 24x A-10's 81st TFW, Visiting were F-5E 01551, 527 TFTAS, C-130H 41675 463 TAW.
Feb 5th - 4x F-15's, 1x Belfast Heavylift, Jaguar GR1 XX742/EF 6 Sqdn, Tornado ZA330/B-08, ZA543/B-59  TTTE
Feb 6th - BENTWATERS - 19 x A-10's 81st TFW, Visiting were F-15C 90039/BT, 90048/BT, 90055/BT, 90062/BT all blue fin band, 36 TFW.
Feb 8th - 3x Hunter T7's RAF, 1x Buccaneer, 5x Phantoms RAF, 2x C-141B USAF.
Feb 9th - 2x Jaguars 31 Sqdn, 1x Vulcan.
               ELLOUGH - Sikorsky S-61n G-BEON, G-BFFJ, Sikorsky S-76 G-BIAW, G-BZAC, Bell 212 G-BAFN, G-BFJB, Westland WG30 G-BIWY, all B.A.H
Feb 10th - 2x Harrier GR3's, 6x Phantoms RAF, 1x Hawk T1 4 FTS, Canberra T-17 360 Sqn, Jet Provost T5B XW293/Z 6 FTS, EC-135H USAF, HH-53 67 ARRS made two approaches to Ellough
Feb 12th - BENTWATERS - 36x A-10's 81st TFW, Visiting were F-4E 41635/SP blue 52 TFW, F-111F 02364/LN, 30713/LN 48 TFW, Sabreliner N64 F.A.A, Jet Provost T5 XW364/35 RAFC
Feb 21st - LAKENHEATH - Visiting were F4E 80460/RS 86 TFW, F-15C 90048/BT, 90062/BT, 90041/BT, F-15D 90011/BT all 36 TFW.
                MILDENHALL - 15x KC-135's, 3x EC-135's, 10x C-130E's 314 TAW, SR-71A 17980 9 SRW, C-141A 60133 438 MAW, C-141B 38090 438 MAW, 50269, 67945 437 MAW, C-5A 00461 60 MAW, C-118B 152687 NAF Keflavik U.S Navy.
Feb 23rd - Jet Ranger - Bristows, EP-3E 148888/JQ23 VQ2 U.S Navy
Feb 24th - BENTWATERS - 34x A-10's 81 TFW, Visiting were F-16A 290, F-16B 305 both 332 Sqdn Norwegian Air Force, Alpha Jet 4118 JBG45 West German AF,  An approach was made by SR-71A 17980 9th SRW, also a Wessex HC2 XS675 22 Sqdn callsign 'SWC 16' was seen inbound to Woodbridge.