LOG: The Battle of Britain Fly-Past 21/09/03
The Battle of Britain Fly-Past, 21st Sept 2003

The following Tornado F.3's from XXV(F) Squadron were seen at Southwold, Suffolk, prior to their departure south to overfly Westminster Abbey, Bentley Priory and Stanmore Park on Sunday 21st September 2003.

Tornado F.3 ZG780/WF 25 Squadron - SATURN 1

Tornado F.3 ZE292/YY 25 Squadron - SATURN 2

Tornado F.3 ZE757/YJ 25 Squadron - SATURN 3

Tornado F.3 ZE755/-- 25 Squadron - SATURN 4

Tornado F.3 ZE831/XQ 25 Squadron - SATURN 5 (AirSpare)
The airspare left the main formation as they passed Southwold Harbour Mouth on their way to London.

According to a source of mine at RAF Leeming Tornado F.3 ZE157/TY was pulled-out as a 'ground spare' in case any of the other aircraft went 'tits-up' on start-up. After the five F.3's departed this Tonka Toy was pushed back into it's box.

LONDON MIL on 299.975 MHz
Air-to-Air on 244.825 MHz (NEW Freq - to me, anyway)
MARHAM APProach on 268.875 MHz
THAMES RADAR on 132.700 MHz and later 128.025 MHz

Special thanks to Graham Farish for the help with this report.
Roger Smith
Lowestoft Aviation Society - Suffolk's Eyes on the Skies