ACN - Queens Birthday Flypast
Buckingham Palace, Sat 14th June 08

Airspace Co-Ordination Notice
Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Flypast
Buckingham Palace, Sat 14th June 2008

ALL TIMES UTC (Same as GMT)(so you have to add an hour on to get it to BST i.e. 12:00 UTC is 13:00 BST)

Reference: A. HQ AC OP ORD 23/08 dated 16th May 2008 (NOTAL)

1.      Further to Reference A the following measures have been agreed by AUS with the organiser and airspace controlling authorities to accommodate the subject Unusual Aerial Activity.


2.     a. A large stream formation will flypast of Buckingham Palace will occur as part of the official celebrations of HM Queen’s birthday following the Trooping the Colour ceremony. The formation will comprise of 10 elements as shown at Annex A

        b. Formation elements will be in a 30 second stream and two Hawk ac will act a wiper-in and spare.

BBMF and Slow Aircraft Formation

3.      The BBMF ac will route independently via other events to join up as a formation in the vicinity of Duxford under the control of TC Stansted. The formation will the route as follows:

         a. ABM Fairlop (Timing Hold)    1148hrs

         b. ABM Fairlop IP                    1155hrs

         c. Buckingham Palace Datum  1200hrs (Dakota)

         d. After Datum, turn Right and depart North A/R

Main Formation  (All times are approximate and are for the lead ac)

4.      a. Southwold Hold Activated      1010 hrs

         b. Southwold Hold IP                1143 hrs

         c. ABM Colchester                   1151 hrs

         d. ABM Fairlop                         1157 hrs

         e. Buckingham Palace Datum   1201.30 hrs (Lead ac)

         f. East of Wormwood Scrubs     1202 hrs

         g. RAF Northolt                        1203 hrs

         h. RAF Halton                          1207 hrs

         i. RAF Brize Norton                   1213 hrs

         j. Formation Dispersal As Briefed


                                      Flypast           Southwold Hold

5.        a. Top Level       3,000ft amsl             FL 100

           b. Datum Alt      1,500ft amsl                  -

           c. Base Level     1,000ft amsl            Sea Level


6.        a. HQ Air Command, High Wycombe

           b. POC: HQ 1 Gp QBF PO, SO5 A5 Plans, Sqn Ldr GJM Littlechild HQ 1 Gp, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4UE

           c. Telephone: 01494 496927 or DFTS (9) 5221 6927


7.         a. LATCC(Mil) (EAST)

            b. Telephone: 01489 612408 or DFTS (9) 5586 2408

            c. RAF Marham ATC

            d. Telephone: 01760 337261 or DFTS (9) 5951 7282

            e. RAF Waddington

            f. Telephone: 01522 727451 or DFTS (9) 5771 7451


7.         Restricted Area (Temporary) (RA(T)), details of which are published in AIC 36/2008 (Mauve 260) dated 22 May 08 has been established under a Statutory Instrument in accordance with article 96 of the Air Navigation Order 2005 (Mil ac should comply with JSP552.201.135.9). Areas and timings are shown at Annex B


8. Operating Authority Reference A details ATC, emergency and flypast procedures for all crews taking part in the event

9. ATC Authorities. The formation will transit the route using normal ATC services as required. Once the formation has left the Southwold hold area the formation leader is requested to contact the control agencies as detailed at Ref A (Annex E). Participating crews are reminded that the frequencies to be used are normal ATC control frequencies and whilst every effort will be made to ensure they remain quiet, they may be used by other ac and thus R/T calls should be kept to a minimum.

15. Callsigns and SSR Codes

           a. Collective Callsign: WINDSOR FORMATION

           b. Individual Element Callsign and SSR
C130 Hercules Lyneham Transport Wing ALBERT 1200
King Air (x2) 45(Reserve) Sqn (Cranwell) KING AIR 1400
Typhoon (x9) 29(Reserve) Sqn (Conningsby) TRIPLEX 1500
VC 10 101 Sqn (Brize Norton) TARTAN 1600
Tornado F.3 (x2) 43 Sqn (Leuchars) BLACKSMITH 1 & 2 1700
E3D Sentry 8/23 Sqn (Waddington) SENTRY 2100
Tornado F.3 (x11) 111 Sqn (Leuchars) SCIMITAR 2200 (2300/2400 for join/split)
C17 Globemaster 99 Sqn (Brize Norton) GLOBEMASTER 2500
Tornado F.3 (x2) 43 Sqn (Leuchars) BLACKSMITH 3 & 4 2600
Nimrod MR.2 Kinloss Surveillance Wing NIMROD 2700
Tornado F.3 (x2) 111 Sqn (Leuchars) EXPORT 1670
Tristar 216 Sqn (Brize Norton) FAGIN 1671
HS125 (x2) 32 Sqn (Northolt) CLARET 1672 (1673 for join/split)
Tornado GR4 (x16) 9 Sqn (Marham) BATMAN 1674 (1675 for join/split)
Hawk T.1 (x2) 100 Sqn (Leeming) WINDSOR WHIP 1676
Roger Smith
Lowestoft Aviation Society - Suffolk's Eyes on the Skies